Website Performance Tips: Top Online Tools To Optimize Images

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One of the best practices in improving page speed is to optimize individual webpages. After all, the faster the page loads, the higher the chance of conversion, which can later be maximized to leads and sales.

A webpage generally covers multiple elements that can range from texts to pictures and videos. We’ll focus more on pictures for this post.


How To Optimize Images Online

All global and SEO communities know that image optimization is critical to website performance. In fact, there are several ways to work around it. There’s considering the file format to use, specifying the width and height during the course of coding, applying CSS sprites in the web design. And then, of course, there’s the most commonly used of them all – resizing and compression.


Reduce the size of your images without compromising quality. Check out these five (5) tools on the web.




Page Rank: 6

Alexa: 13990

Description: by Yahoo Developer Network uses techniques specific to remove unnecessary bytes from the files. It is a “lossless” tool which means the visual look and quality are not comprised during the process. The site reports the number of bytes saved and provides downloadable zip file containing the image files.

  1. TinyPNG


Page Rank: 5

Alexa: 13657

Description: TinyPNG is a free service specific to PNG formats. Shared by Voormedia, a web agency in Amstermdam, the site utilizes smart lossy compression technique that preserves full alpha transparency. It selectively decreases the number of colors in a picture by combining similar hues (called “quantisation”). This later on creates a large difference in size. Major browsers including mobile devices are supported.

  1. ImageOptimizer


Page Rank: 5

Alexa: 30117

Description: ImageOptimizer is another tool to compress photos. A great thing about this is that aside from the web version, you have an option to download the software straight to your desktop. There’s the free edition where you can compress in bulk and there’s the professional one for only 29 pounds.


  1. JPEG-Optimizer


Page Rank: 4

Alexa: 39325

Description: JPEG-optimizer functions similarly like the tools above. Simply upload a digital photo and select the compression level between 0-99 (default is 65). You can choose to resize the dimensions if you want to.


  1. ShrinkPictures


Page Rank: 2

Alexa: 44028

Description: What makes ShinkPictures different is that you can add an effect either in grayscale or sepia to your uploaded picture. It has a batch photo feature that is available in free trial.

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