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Marketing strategies are going towards the digital route now. Digital marketing in the Philippines focuses on marketing through digital channels commonly used by people to access news and information. Think of the Internet, SMS messaging, electronic mail (e-mail) and social media. All these are digital marketing channels.

While traditional advertising in print ad, TV and radio are still effective tools for marketing, most advertising agencies now have incorporated a social media channel in the aspects they manage. It is now even common to find an online marketing agency that one can hire to take care of digital advertising.


It is recommended that a business use both traditional and digital marketing strategies to be able to maximize exposure and advertising. Whereas traditional marketing targets newspapers, TV and radio commercials, digital marketing goes to activities targeting digital devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers.

Here are some popular digital marketing strategies. Most of them would certainly be familiar to you as a consumer.

1. SMS messaging/ Text blasts – SMS is a great way to advertise and keep in touch with your clients/consumers. It is fast, effective and can reach thousands of people.


2. Video Distribution through Video Social Channels (Vimeo, YouTube).


3. E-mail marketing – Most businesses that have web sites encourage their customers to sign-up for newsletters and sale alerts. This is a very popular form of digital marketing.  A well-written e-mail with a great ad can literally convert into sales for your business.

email marketing

4. Social Media Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) – This is a new channel in digital marketing. A recently conducted research showed that most people now turn to Facebook and Twitter for information, breaking news and even sale alerts. Combined with the ease of sharing information, images and news – it has become a great tool for digital marketing to show its prowess and prove its effectivity. 

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You would notice that most digital marketing strategies target customers on a direct level. E-mails and SMS messages are delivered right through a customer’s inbox and phone, making its delivery rate guaranteed to be 100%. It also somehow makes it personal, don’t you think? In this digital era, consumers do not look for ads; ads come to them.

With cutthroat competition and an expanding market because of the Internet, it is important for every business to take up aggressive brand marketing strategies to ensure that they will be able to make a niche in their respective industries. Digital marketing in the Philippines helps them accomplish that – through brand name recall, information campaigns and real-time advertising!

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Facebook Marketing: How To Build Fanbase For Start-Ups

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With over 1.5 billion active users worldwide, 699 million people who daily log into their accounts, five new profiles created every second not to mention 510 comments posted, 293,000 statuses updated and 136,000 photos uploaded each single minute, Facebook is inarguably the number one social network today. With such impressive statistics and loyal following, it is no wonder that it has become a must to every business owner to include this platform in their social media strategies.

Regardless if you’re a digital agency in the Philippines, India or anywhere else, for as long as you are just starting up your biz, below are some basic tips to initially build your fanbase. Learn how you could quickly tap into Facebook and gain potential customers to succeed in the digital marketing industry.

  1. Sales promotion. Holding a contest on your page is perhaps one of the quickest ways to increase fans. Every person in this world would want to win a prize at some point in his/her life. If you leverage on that, it would give you an edge as an entrepreneur as people would be very interested to know if they are eligible to join. You could require them to fill up a registration form to input their details, then afterwards, like your fanpage and share it to their friends. The more friends they recommend, the higher the points they’ll get. The participant with the highest accumulated points gets the top prize. You could use either an app or basically utilize your own timeline since FB lifted its strict policy on administering promotion this month.


  1. Freebies. Giving freebies is another great method to get FB users interested in your business. From e-books to exclusive content, you could maximize the feature “Like-gating” wherein upon liking your fanpage, the user would get instant access to your downloadable giveaways. No need for them to sign up. All it takes on their end is just one simple click and they could immediately download your freebie. The trick here is to keep your offers varied and ultimately interesting so they would personally recommend it to their loved ones.


  1. Cross-promote. Embed the LIKE box plugin to your site so your current website visitors could easily become a fan of your business page. You could opt to install other plugins too such as Share, Comments, and Recommendations Bar to further improve your visibility on the said platform. Integrate and/or promote your other social media profiles in Twitter, Youtube and Pinterest to grow your followers.


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