Tools For Mobile App Development Part 1

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Mobile applications are the biggest thing in mobile devices nowadays. Along with the boom in the development of touch screen mobile devices are these mobile applications that provide numerous functionalities to an otherwise simple mobile phone or tablet. With this kind of popularity, a growing number of websites and companies are developing their own mobile apps as an alternative way to provide services and to stay connected with their clients and customers. This is evident in the number of companies that offer web design and SEO services that are now also offering mobile app development services.

On the other hand, you do not need a professional mobile app developer to create your own mobile applications. In fact, even young students can develop a decent mobile app with the right kind of tools while learning along the way. If you are thinking of developing a mobile application, below are some of the best tools you can use.

  • Android SDK. The Android software development kit is the free mobile app developer for the Android operating system and it is free to download. This development kit uses the Java programming language and it has sample projects, source code, development tools, and an emulator where you can test your mobile apps. In addition to these, you can find unlimited resources on the Internet on developing mobile apps using the Android SDK such as tutorials, technical articles, how-to videos, step-by-step guides, and many more. Android also makes it very easy for you to distribute your mobile app through the Android marketplace with its one-time registration fee of just $
  • PhoneGap. For those who does programming using HTML, CSS, or JavaScript, the PhoneGap lets you build your own mobile app using these programming languages. You simply have to write your code in these languages, upload your code, and then PhoneGap Build will have your mobile app ready for you in just a few minutes. PhoneGap is now owned by Adobe Systems and it is the tool of choice for those who want a media-rich application.phonegap-build_writeonce
  • RunRev. For those who are not very familiar with any specific programming language, RunRev’s LiveCode is the tool for you where you can develop you app using an English-like language. Currently, LiveCode lets you develop apps for iOS and Android. It is also working on extending its development tools for Windows mobile.runrevlogonew

There are many more app development tools that are being offered. Some can be downloaded and used for free while there are others that requires a fee.


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