Guide On How To Make A Link Wheel

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There are many different strategies used by SEO Philippines companiesto help increase a website’s search engine rankings and visibility. One of these strategies is by using a link wheel. A link wheel is a strategy wherein different web 2.0 sites create a path linking to each other. The end goal is to link to the website which you are aiming to promote.


Just like when you are link building, another popular SEO strategy, it is most beneficial if your link wheel involves good websites with high search engine rankings and quality content. Making a link wheel does not require hiring an SEO in manila company. It is possible to make a link wheel on your own. Below is a quick guide to help you build a link wheel.

  1. Determine your keywords. The first step is to determine the keywords that you want to use. Consequently, these will determine how your pages will link together.
  2. Choose your web 2.0 sites. Decide on how many pages or websites will be in your link wheel. Afterwards, choose the web 2.0 sites where you will post your content. Some good websites that you can choose from are Blogger, WordPress, Squidoo,, Tumbler, and LiveJournal, among others.
  3. Create good quality content. It is very important to have good quality content to hold the links to your link wheel. The trick is in placing the keywords seamlessly into your content. Plan how each article will link to your main website and to another website in your link wheel. Each article should have a keyword linking to the website you are promoting and another keyword linking to another web 2.0 site.
  4. Post your content. After you have written all the articles, post your content in each web 2.0 site. There is no limit to the number of websites you want to include in your link wheel. Just make sure that all links are good and working fine.
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